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Apr 27, 2014 10:00am PDT
. if women worked the same as men in egypt, the country's gdp could grow by 34%. uae, 12%. germany and france, 4%. and even the united states could see 5% more growth. but let's be honest. women working has produced economic complications. a larger, competitive workforce has arguably kept wages from raising very much. the brookings institution says if you look at working age men, the real earnings of the median american male have decreased by 19% since 1970, for a variety of reasons. women working has also produced social complications regarding raising children. the hard harvard business review conducted a study of american women who had left work to have children. 93% of them wanted to return to work, but only 74% of them managed to do so and only 40% were able to return to full-time jobs. the transformation of women's lives has been one of the great changes in history. it will take time to get it right and put in place laws and practices that make it work. perhaps this will be one of the tasks that hillary clinton takes on if she gets that new job everyone is talking about in 2016. >>> up
Apr 27, 2014 7:00am PDT
today? here's how. straddling the border between the old czech republican of germany, when that border was between czech slo vauk ya and germany, it was divided by huge electrical fences. the deer were stood apart. a deer study was used to follow the movements of 100 red deer, 50 in germany and 50 in the czech republic. researchers found that the new generation of deer still respect the boundaries of the iron kurt tak -- curtain. according to the scientists who led the project, biologically it would make sense for the mountain range to be the natural barrier for the deer, not this invisible fence. but a mother passes on to her young a sense of where it is safe to go. the electric fence was a no go, ask these habits live on a generation later. perhaps the deer are teaching us all a lesson. it can take a longer time to break down barriers than put them up. >>> the correct answer is c. winston churchill is the only one to win the literature prize. if you guessed disraeli, he was indeed a novelist but he lived before the prize and couldn't have won it. thank you for joining us. i will see
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2